3 super banging awesome social media hacks

 Set and Forget Social

Does Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing (is that a word?) and Instagramming seem to take up a lot of your time? I bet it does. Each day going onto twitter etc. is a time thief.

Before you know it you are watching a Thomas the Tank engine/Beyonce mash up for the first time, and somehow it is 11am. These platforms are designed to be addictive, the longer you are on them, the more advertising revenue they get. So beat the social giants at their own game by using Buffer.

Buffer is a brilliant little package which is cloud, website and app based. Buffer allows you to schedule social media output ahead of time so that you can batch the tasks and then get on with your day.

Buffer works by allowing you to decide how many posts to do a day, what time to send them and then will enable you to fill up these slots ahead of time. Buffer also gives you real-time analytics on how the posts are doing and save previous posts so they can be shared again in the future if they did well.

Buffer’s usefulness does not end there. You can also install a Buffer plugin or the app on Apple products and automatically put useful articles into your scheduled queue. Buffer also has a host of other features that are worth exploring at http://buffer.com

Keep your social Evergreen

Do you ever just seem to be posting the same updates on to social media every week? Does it feel like you are just wasting time? Well, the chances are you are. Want to save this time for things more important like online shopping or watching videos of cats. I bet you do.

Then you should get Recurrpost the best partner to use with Buffer. So why is Recurrpost such a Life Hack? It will recycle your best content on facebook, twitter, linked and Instagram again and again on the day and time that suit you and your audience. You can even set up RSS feeds, so they automatically get shared and shared still.

This life hack will really save you time and will help you automatically build those audiences. You will have to invest a lot of time upfront, but once you have spent the time upfront, it will save you time each and every day of the week, forever onwards.

Keep up to date and share with Feedly

Do you want to keep up with all the best developments in your area of expertise? Of course, you do. Do you want to have your blogs, newspapers and youtube videos all in one place? You bet you do.

Do you want to share this with all your contacts? That sounds like a third yes to me. This is where Feedly can and does step in.

Feedly allows you to aggregate and discover content from across the web all in one place on your phone or iPad. The brilliance of this App means that when you are on the bus or tube into work, you can find four or five articles that your audience will love and then get on with the rest of your day, safe in the knowledge your audience is catered for. Now if you know how to use RSS feeds, Zapier or IFTT Feedly becomes a piece of genius.

Use this Applet from IFFT and every time you find an interesting article on Feedly it will automatically be added to your Buffer social queue. Quick and easy thought leadership social media at the touch of a button.

Feedly is located at https://feedly.com/


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