Use to-do lists to improve productivity

It has been a long and very hard day. You have been a maestro on the phones.

Candidate calls.

Client Calls.

Dealing with a no-show candidate and getting that deal in (you dancer!) and now it is the end of the day.

The temptation to go to the pub, or head home and get a cold one from the fridge or pour out a nice glass of red is very high indeed.

STOP RIGHT THERE! Leaving now without doing a to-do list will leave you rudderless and slow to get going. Write a to do list and keep the momentum going tomorrow. If I come across as a little preachy that is because I am being preachy. To Do Lists are one of the biggest hallmarks of success.

From Benjamin Franklin to Stephen Covey to Elon “I send cars into space” Musk all swear by to do lists. Some people when beginning with the to-do list revolution they get caught up in what type of to do list to use, when, essentially the first thing to do is get into a habit of doing a to-do list.

Then slowly over time getting incrementally better, then experimenting with different To-Do list techniques.


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